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After a successful 4 months in BC, we are returning in Alberta for another deployment...


Building Complex Networks

From CO add-ons to FDH and DSLAM implementations


GO! Telecom, we GO all the way

We welcome you to our virtual playground...

This web application was put in place to inform people like you of our latest efforts, successes in the Telecom world in Canada. We're a young team of entrepreneurs, making their first steps into this giant market. Principally from Montreal, Quebec... We are concentrating our efforts in western Canada. Providing a complete list of services ranging from;
  • Engineering
  • Security Services
  • Fiber Termination (FTTH, Back Bone, FDH, Transport)
  • Inside Plant
  • Outside Plant
  • Domotics

So please, feel free to browse our most recent posts page, subscribe to our BLOG and share your experiences with us and maybe, who knows, we might cross path one of these days.



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