Who is Go! Telecom?

We are often asked this question….

Our company is the combination of two idea makers, that wanted to have an adventure and to grasp the moment to live it to the fullest. One side being the Ingeneering part, from plan design, project management to the project’s final production evaluation and delivery.

The hands-on fabricator, is the most challenging part of this phase. This section of the project  production and delivery makes each previous steps a must for our project success rate. Our efforts are concentrated mainly in the Telecom world for the moment. We will deploy other resources for our other divisions, to meet our clients demands.

We also provide a multitude of other services;

  • Ingineering solutions
  • Plan design and production
  • Site audits
  • Project management


Versatility is key…

During the course of the last few months, we where able to implement and produce FTTH projects in a multitude of locations throughout Alberta. It wasn’t without its challenges.

Because of these combined efforts, our Company is in a good position to provide more solutions for a greater variety of clients. Therefore, delivering a complete range of services to meet the industry’s increasing demands.